At XO our in house Broker assists you by finding the right provider, ensuring that the product suits your circumstances.

Unfortunately, most bank affiliated financial advisers and finance brokers will recommend their own products. This is a significant conflict of interest, thus ensuring you may not get what’s in your best interest.

With our own in house Broker who can access the majority of residential, investment and commercial loans available on the Australian market, we truly find products that are suited to your individual circumstances.

Home Loans

For many Australian, buying a home will be one of your most significant borrowing commitments. At XO our in house Broker assists you by finding the right provider, ensuring that the product suits your circumstances and by negotiating the interest rate and reading the fine print of the loan.

Commercial Loans

At XO we especially pride ourselves in our ability to support our SME client with their commercial finance requirements. Be it inventory finance, cash flow finance, an overdraft or even thinking of purchasing a factory, we are her to help.

We have access to an extensive range of lenders specialising in commercial finance to ensure we get the best result for you.

Investment Loans

For many Australians, borrowing to invest is a popular way to accumulate wealth over the longer term. Whilst it may not for everyone, for the right individuals it can be a very worthwhile strategy.

Borrowing to invest is most commonly used to purchase an investment property, although some will prefer borrowing to invest in shares or perhaps even through their Self-Managed Super Fund.

Borrowing to invest is used most commonly to accumulate wealth it can also be used to minimise taxable income. This is achieved where the income received on your investments does not cover the loan payments, allowing you to claim a tax deduction for the shortfall, commonly called negative gearing.



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