Tax fraud is one of the quickest growing areas for scams which tax payers need to be aware and protect themselves against. One such scam which I have experienced many times is where the scammers call you claiming to be from the ATO and advise you that you have an outstanding debt.  After making threats of investigations, charges and even jail they demand payment immediately for the debt.

Please be aware the ATO will NEVER call you directly and you should ALWAYS refer any tax matters back to your tax agent.  Any clients of XO Accounting the ATO have our contact details.  Even if there is a legitimate debt with the ATO they will always call us direct.

The second scam is access your Tax File Number to lodge bogus tax returns to obtain tax refunds.  Never give out your Tax File Number to anyone you do not know (Eg your bank and never over the phone) and can identify.  Should you fall victim to Tax File Number fraud it can effect your tax returns for years.

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